What is the Great Atlantic Way?

What is different about
the visitor experience?

What is the purpose?

Where is the Great Atlantic Way?

Why is it important?
  - transport
  - rural economy
  - tourism

How does it help public
authority strategies?

Where are we now?

Whatís next?

Who are the stakeholders?

Who is leading the project?

What do people say?

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Why is it Important?

Because it directly supports key strategic aims of all the public authorities charged with administering the performance and well-being of the region - at district, county, regional and even national level. Few other projects embrace the capability of the Great Atlantic Way to rejuvenate the economy and address the needs and ambitions of the population.



The South West and Cornwall in particular has a transport problem. Too many cars in the holiday season and too little transport for the local communities who need to connect with work and services. more


Rural economy

The project seeks to create economic advantage out of the distinctive natural and man-made landscape. It is socially and economically inclusive, directed towards supporting rural communities, encouraging small business and social enterprise in disadvantaged North Cornwall and encouraging innovation and competition amongst the regions businesses. more



Cornwall and most of the South West peninsula depend on visitors to provide a major part of the regionís income. It provides nearly a quarter of the countyís GDP and employs 15% of the workforce and supports approximately 20% of jobs. The South West attracts more visitors than any other part of the UK. more





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