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Transport strategies

The Great Atlantic Way project contributes significantly to the strategies of:


  • PPG13: Transport (doc)



  • SWRDA and the county’s objective: improving regional communications and infrastructure, offering solutions to the mobility issues associated with an elderly and large visitor population.
  • South West Regional Emphasis document: solutions to the major issue of rural access and job creation, supporting innovative and demand responsive transport. (doc)



  • Cornwall County Council's Local Transport Plan (2001-2006): the overarching aims: reduce the adverse impact of transport; improve safety for all travellers; contribute to an efficient local economy, and to support sustainable economic growth; promote accessibility to work, facilities and services for all people, especially those without a car; promote the integration of all forms of transport, and reduce the need to travel through co-ordinated transport and land use planning; Particularly the development of alternatives to the private car to ensure a more energy efficient and environmental sustainable transport strategy (doc).
  • Connecting Cornwall Action Plan: particularly support for economic development initiatives, sustainable networks, public transport improvements and air transport (Newquay airport) (doc).


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