What is the Great Atlantic Way?

What is different about
the visitor experience?

What is the purpose?

Where is the Great Atlantic Way?

Why is it important?
  - transport
  - rural economy
  - tourism

How does it help public
authority strategies?

Where are we now?

What’s next?

Who are the stakeholders?

Who is leading the project?

What do people say?

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Transforms tourism

Without the visitor economy, jobs would be fewer, residents would carry a larger tax burden to sustain services, and unless there can be found another substantial way of attracting income and investment, the region will sink even lower down the comparative economic scale.

It is Cornwall’s distinctive characteristics that draw people and distinguish it from other places. They are a major asset. But the visitor population is under threat. The last year has seen a decline in the growth of tourism except amongst high value niche markets.

The Great Atlantic Way plan is to win back and develop a sustainable visitor economy by attracting those who seek wider and deeper experiences than the sand, beaches and theme parks, connecting them more intimately with the landscape, culture and ways of life and giving them a fulfilment that will encourage greater frequency of visits with higher spends throughout the year - ironing out the high peak in mid Summer and establishing permanent rather than seasonal jobs of greater value.



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