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Tourism and distinctiveness strategies

The Great Atlantic Way project delivers the strategies of:


  • PPG21: Planning for Tourism (doc)



  • SW Tourism’s ‘Towards 2015’ Strategy for the South West: the approach and every delivery mechanism: driving up quality particularly through brand clusters and improved marketing, delivering sustainable tourism and effective destination management (doc)
  • South West Regional Emphasis Document key sector ‘ Tourism’ 2005-2008 , including creating closer synergy with the tourism sector and DEFRA and specifically “to identify, develop and deliver key ‘icon’ projects of regional significance” and to develop exemplar projects to develop year-round, high value tourism.” .(doc)



  • Objective 1’s Tourism Proposal: By 2010, Cornish Tourism to be seen and operated as high quality, value for money diverse experiences, 70% of businesses open 10 months or more, generating over £1.25 billion with reduced leakage from Cornwall, 2% faster growth than national average, supporting over 40,000 quality jobs, attracts an increased share of overseas visitors, fully rooted in the Cornish community.
  • Cornwall Enterprise’s strategy for the Cornwall Brand: to establish greater cross-sectional cohesion with a set of common values associated with a multi-faceted brand, promoted by tourism but applying to a wide range of products and activities. (doc)
  • Cornwall Tourism Forum Action Plan: each one of the seven key strategic objectives; the mechanisms including targeted marketing, e-tourism solutions, improved quality of product and support structures; working cooperatively to promote Cornwall’s distinctiveness internationally, building on the defined strengths and opportunities, correcting the weaknesses and tackling the threats.
  • The Economic Forum: vision of “achieving sustainable prosperity through sustaining and enhancing Cornwall’s distinctive natural environment, heritage, culture and image; ”the core theme of “Distinctiveness”, promoted also in Cornwall County Council’s ‘Economic Development & Regeneration Strategic Plan. Cornwall Enterprises’ Tourism Best Value Review’ and North Cornwall’s Local Development Framework and tourism objectives. (link)


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