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Jonathon Porritt CBE gave a speech at the Annual Cornwall Lecture entitled People, places & prosperity, a sustainable economy for Cornwall. In it, as chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission, he expressed his views for creating a sustainable future for rural communities in Cornwall. He said…

"We don't do enough to demonstrate that our finite physical environment (the cherished landscapes which we make so much of in our art, in our poetry, in our personal wonderment at the natural world) also generates enormous economic value. There's no fundamental incompatibility here; sustainable development is about all these things. It is indeed about spiritual reconnection with the land, about understanding the relationship between humankind and the natural world, and at the same time, its about economic development, and the pursuit of prosperity in a very different way...

...That's the challenge: can Cornwall so embrace the opportunity of sustainable development to create the wealth it needs in such a way that Cornwall is not just a special place for the people who live here now, but a special enough place to persuade young people to stay here? Embrace it in such a way that Cornwall is not just special to the people who visit Cornwall today, but special enough to persuade them to keep coming back year in, year out, without increasing their environmental foot print? Can Cornwall embrace sustainability with such enthusiasm and purpose that it becomes special for the rest of the world?”


It is to this challenge that the Great Atlantic Way is responding, reducing the environmental footprint and creating opportunities for the people who live and work here.


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