What is the Great Atlantic Way?

What is different about
the visitor experience?

What is the purpose?

Where is the Great Atlantic Way?

Why is it important?

How does it help public
authority strategies?

Where are we now?
  - public awareness programme
  - funding programme
  - house of the elements proposal
  - transport plan
  - pilot area

What’s next?

Who are the stakeholders?

Who is leading the project?

Professional advisers

What do people say?

Contact us

Where are we now?

The Great Atlantic Way project was

  • conceived in 2002 by Jonathan Ball, co-founder of the Eden Project.
  • developed by a team of professionals with world class reputations - planners, designers, architects, transport authorities and heritage interpretation experts for consideration by government bodies and private enterprise in July 2003.
  • announced publicly to gauge the reactions of local communities in March 2004.

Now, eighteen months on, what has been achieved and what has yet to be done?

This is what has been achieved so far:



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