What is the Great Atlantic Way?

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Where is the Great Atlantic Way?

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Stimulates the rural economy

Great Atlantic Way is not a single location project but many locations spread across the whole of North Cornwall and expandable throughout the county and region. It seeks to establish centres or hubs from which both the local communities around them and the county as a whole can benefit, and it proposes an environmentally friendly transport solution that will be an exemplar not just for Cornwall but other parts of the UK and the world.

It will do it by

  • Distributing the visitor market across the district
  • Establishing a confederation of communities and businesses who share an infrastructure and a set of standards based on public/private partnership and self reliance
  • Attracting greater investment to North Cornwall
  • Creating new and permanent jobs
  • Creating hubs for a network of improved transport and creating a platform for strong business and educational facilities and affordable housing
  • Providing farmers and land owners with alternative sources of income
  • Embracing and enhancing new and existing visitor initiatives
  • Stimulating new educational facilities related to the themes of the Great Atlantic Way such as climate and weather, sea and marine life, landscape and land management, cultural and creative skills and many more
  • Creating enterprise opportunities related to each of these themes
  • Working with the creative industries to improve the tourism experience


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