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What is different about the visitor experience?

It will offer the visitor a radical new way of experiencing the distinctiveness and diversity of Cornwall and the South West peninsula throughout the year by offering:

  • a choice of journeys taken at the visitorís own pace, without the car and via a network of routes and trails that reconnect to the natural landscape, authentic culture and the lives, stories and heritage of the people of the region.
  • new experiences that refresh the mind and the body by closer contact with the natural world and understanding of the climate and its effect on lives.

The experiences and the journeys will be created and operated by a voluntary confederation of local communities, businesses and individuals across the region using a common brand name that will give these businesses greater marketing strength supported by common quality standards and a unique destination management system. A new brand name will be created that reflects the distinctiveness of the journeys and experiences and the Great Atlantic Way will be the facilitator for the brand which is the key element in establishing a unique set of relationships amongst the participants in the confederation.

The Great Atlantic Way will tell the stories of the dramatic landscape and of the lives of people in North Cornwall.


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