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Economy and rural development strategies

The Great Atlantic Way project supports the policies and strategies of:


  • PPS1: Delivering Sustainable Development (doc)

  • PPS7: Sustainable Development in Rural Areas (doc)



  • SWRDA’s 10 year Regional Economic Strategy; three main objectives: Raising Business Productivity, Increasing Economic Inclusion, Improving Regional Communications & Partnership. (doc)
  • Inter Regional Strategies consultation paper: main aims include environment and deprivation seeking to ensure that the rural economy is part of all policies and specifically seeking investment in sustainable tourism (a priority sector) and sustainable communities. It recognises that innovation and enterprise are two economic drivers and looks also for improvement in transport, best practice and partnership.
  • South West Regional Emphasis Document 2005-2008: prioritises improved infrastructure and sustainable development, and that farmers be enabled to maximise the return from their environmental assets including greater local sourcing of food. (doc)



  • Cornwall County Council’s Economic Development and Regeneration Strategic Plan’: the strategy and action themes - distinctiveness, infrastructure, communities, sector development, business and learning & skills, particularly the creative industries and knowledge-based economy. (doc)
  • The Economic Forum’s Strategy and Action: eight of the ten priorities -transport infrastructure, employment space including science parks, emerging clusters, academic development, business growth and kite mark quality, local partnerships for town and rural economy, local supply chain, distinctiveness image .(doc)
  • Cornwall Community Strategy: priority areas: individual well being, strong communities, quality living environment.(doc)



North Cornwall District Council’s Local Development Frameworks issues Options Report (doc)

the vision: a vigorous economy, dynamic communities, and sustainable special environment

top priorities: increasing investment in jobs and businesses, helping communities help themselves and promoting well being

Key targets:

  • Community Strategy (Economy, Strong Communities, Quality Living Environment and Individual Well Being).
  • Sustainable Tourism Strategy (improving quality and value without damaging the environment and local communities)
  • Transport development across the district
  • Partnerships between the local authority, local communities and private enterprise.

Core Strategy consultation document: the hubs created by Great Atlantic Way will provide mini-economic centres in support of the Market and Coastal Towns initiative


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