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What do people say?

“….. Having just returned from a couple of weeks on the North Cornwall Coast, where we’ve been for our annual summer holiday for the last 12 years or more, this is obviously a project that I have some personal interest in as well as anything else!”

“Sustainable development is … indeed about spiritual reconnection with the land, about understanding the relationship between humankind and the natural world, and at the same time, it’s about economic development, and the pursuit of prosperity in a very different way”

Jonathon Porritt

Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission and Director of Forum for the Future



"As a landowner with deep family roots in Cornwall and a closeness to both the farming community and the visitor population, I welcome wholeheartedly the Great Atlantic Way project and am delighted to be an active part of its development."

Sir William Molesworth-St Aubyn

Pencarrow, Cornwall



“The Great Atlantic Way is a journey where the car is swapped for transport that allows interaction with the environment. In a car you experience time and road engineering. On a bike you experience geography and weather and on foot you experience surfaces, flora and fauna. When you first stop you experience everything else that moves …. After a while you begin to experience the genius loci”.

Roddy Langmuir

Edward Cullinan Architects



“Since September 11th stress levels in the world have increased. People are more anxious and worried about the future, which to say the least, seems very uncertain. They need hope, inspiration and enlightenment, an opportunity to relax and experience a more positive way of being.

With the Great Atlantic Way, connections will be made between the individual, nature and what is going on in the world and, hopefully, people will go away realising that they do matter and that they can change their lifestyle and make a positive difference to the world.”

John McConnell

UK Assistant Project Co-ordinator

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University



“I must express my admiration for an idea which is above all about the particular “spirit of place” of that wonderful area of the British Isles which is Cornwall. Throughout my working life I have always been obsessed with the idea of the resonating not quite tangible spirit of place and its particular qualities which makes places different to others. Always I have felt that it is necessary for us to learn about a place by listening to what I refer to as the voices of the site. The Great Atlantic Way is exactly about experiencing the energy of an extraordinary land, with all its present absences and absent presences; thus enabling the participating observer to absorb its unique magical spirit with eyes that feel and hands that see. This is the sort of dream project which can make man rediscover some of the “inherent knowledge” which seemed to be so natural to the ancients but which the modern mechanized world has unfortunately lost, reminding us of T S Eliot’s verses, “where has all the wisdom gone lost in knowledge?” “

Professor Richard England




“I think everyone recognises that heritage, culture and distinctiveness are the unique selling points of any area, not only for visitors, but also for engendering local pride and attracting others to invest in these areas.

Your proposals are an ideal example of how the synergy of developing for the future can be built on a solid foundation of celebrating the past and making contemporary world-class statements.”

Malcolm Bell

Chief Executive, Southwest Tourism



“Discerning, high-spending visitors now regard good quality service, accommodation and catering as base line requirement for any potential holiday destination. High yielding visitors are now seeking extraordinary and unforgettable experiences involving genuine engagement wit a place and its people….there is no effective limit to the value of unique experiences”

“The destination that turns its accommodation, eating, transport, shopping and entertainment attractions into unforgettable experiences through interpretation is likely to lead the world into the next tourism revolution. North Cornwall currently has an opportunity to be at the forefront of this emerging transformation of tourism strategy and practice”

Aaron Lawton

Director, Aaron Lawton Associates, Heritage Interpretation



“I was really impressed with the Project. It seemed to be the sort of thing the Met Office should be involved with. At the moment, the Met Office, along with some others, has contributed to the Scoping Study and then we will decide exactly how we are going to make further input to the Project. The Met Office sees this as a really good opportunity to help the public understand more about how weather affects their lives - what they eat, what they wear, where they go to work and so on, and a really good place for this is the very barren cliffs and beaches of North Cornwall where the weather has its greatest effect .”

Roger Hunt

Operations Director, The Met Office



“I am delighted to help the project in any way I can, in particular in the development of your volunteer programme. As you know, this was a vital ingredient in the success of the Sydney 2000 Olympics.” The Great Atlantic Way has my full support

Jim Sloman

Adviser: London 2012; Chief Operating Officer, Sydney 2000



“I am pleased to confirm First Great Western’s support for this visionary project. For our part, we see a clear link between the way in which the development of railways in the County helped to shape the economic development of Cornwall, not least the Atlantic Coast of North Cornwall, and the opportunity to bring the future visitor to the region by this most sustainable form of transport”

Julian Crow

Business Development Manager, First Great Western



“I was particularly impressed with the important issues of sustainability being promoted. This aligns well with the Agency’s duty to promote sustainability. Because of this, I have agreed to act as one of the project’s advisors on environmental issues.”

Geoff Boyd

Cornwall Area Manager, Environment Agency



“I am impressed at how the Great Atlantic Way has gathered momentum over the last six months. Cornwall has enjoyed a mini boom in the last couple of years, and I hope this becomes the jewel in the Crown.”

Alexander Hoare

Chief Executive, Hoare’s Bank London



“I was very impressed by your vision and energy in relation to the Great Atlantic Way. It is an inspiring concept bringing together the human relationship to landscape and environment and combining that vision with heritage and cultural development in a unique and defining way which I think would provide a model for many other regions. It speaks to so many of the primary issues of our time yet we would we think be able to offer a realistic economic route for development of the area. I look forward to working with you.”

Anna Whyatt

Director, Creative Futures , Era London N.B. Era were the originators of the Regional Policy Commission and works directly with the ODPM. It has long experience of working in national and regional development and in the development of major projects in the cultural and heritage field, including the Tate Modern and the London Thames Gateway.



“Thank you so much for the most interesting talk on the Great Atlantic Way yesterday afternoon. You answered a lot of questions that had been bothering some members of the U3A, we thought, in a very detailed and conciliatory way and we can now see the merits of bringing such a project to this area, which we recognise desperately needs regeneration at all levels.”

Mary Dobson

Honorary Secretary, The University of the Third Age



“Members support your vision of the Great Atlantic Way in principle and indeed welcome and support project that will enhance and regenerate North Cornwall and bring new life into our small towns and villages.”

Jonathan Holt

Chairman, Camelford Forum



“ What a great idea the Atlantic Way is. We can’t wait to see it progress over the coming years. We are a local family with two young children, living at Jacobstow nr. Bude just off the A 39…. We would like to know how we can become involved with the development of the Great Atlantic Way.”

Sharon Heneghan

Jacobstow resident



After seeing your article on your project of the Great Atlantic Way in the Sunday Times, it inspired me to incorporate Cornwall’s newest project into my A-level course work.

Marie L Dinsdale, Student



“We were extremely pleased to welcome you. Jonathan and colleagues to the Bodmin & Wenford Steam Railway recently and it was good to hear how much everyone enjoyed the visit. We would like to keep in close touch with yourselves and hope we can go forward in partnership together progressing the exciting Great Atlantic Way Project.”

Roger Webster

General Manager, Bodmin & Wenford Steam Railway





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