What is the Great Atlantic Way?

What is different about
the visitor experience?

What is the purpose?

Where is the Great Atlantic Way?

Why is it important?

How does it help public
authority strategies?

Where are we now?

What’s next?

Who are the stakeholders?

Who is leading the project?

What do people say?

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What do people say?

Environment Agency,
Geoff Boyd, Business Development Manager

Anna Whyatt, Director

First Great Western,
Julian Crow, Business Development Manager

Hoare’s Bank London,
Alexander Hoare, Chief Executive

Met Office,
Roger Hunt, Operations Director

Sir William Molesworth-St Aubyn

South West Tourism,
Malcolm Bell, Chief Executive

UK Sustainable Development Commission,
Jonathon Porritt, Chairman



Aaron Lawton Associates,
Aaron Lawton, Director (heritage interpretation)

Architect and Poet,
Professor Richard England, Malta

Edward Cullinan Architects,
Roddy Langmuir

London 2012,
Jim Sloman, Strategic Adviser



Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University,
John McConnell, UK Assistant Project Co-ordinator

Shebbear College,
Marie L Dinsdale, student

University of the Third Age,
Mary Dobson, Honorary Secretary



Bodmin & Wenford Steam Railway,
Roger Webster, General Manager

Camelford Town Forum,
Jonathan Holt, Chairman

Jacobstow resident,
Sharon Heneghan




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